Premium Tee Motorcycle (one left!)

Premium Tee Motorcycle (one left!)

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At Queen City Dry Goods we are dedicated to building a local manufacturing infrastructure with a focus on natural fibers and sustainability. Through this mission we’re proud to announce the release of our Premium Tee collection. Each Tee is made from 100% cotton, knit in the USA, and cut and sewn right here in Vermont. We developed our own Custom Pattern based on our favorite cuts. All Tees are currently only offered in Men’s, but we scaled them all the way down to XS to accommodate as many sizes as possible. Be on the lookout for a Women’s collection next Spring!

Motorcycle art by local Vermont artist Torrey Valyou

Odds and ends are a great opportunity to find deals on unique items we have made in small batches and alternate materials from our standard issue leathers and natural materials.  You’ll find one of a kind samples, shop worn items that have some minor wear, broken size runs and discounted items that have the same great quality as our production items.