Our Story

QCDG is based in Williston, Vermont in the Champlain Valley. Our goal is to supply our customers with durable U.S. made goods from the highest quality raw materials. We love products with classic styling and simple lines that allow the materials to stand out. In designing our products, we make every effort to minimize the use of synthetic materials and unnecessary seams and achieve an elegant design that will hold up to years of use.

Our leather is tanned in New England from US raised cattle. We purchase directly from the tannery. This allows us to optimize the tanning process and achieve just the right color and finish for our products. We offer 2 different types of leather. Both are full grain cow hides with naked natural finish that patina beautifully.

Our Leathers

Field leather

is a firm leather well suited for flat goods and any place where a stiffer leather is called for. This beautiful tannage has just the right amount of oil to give the leather a slight pull up appearance. The surface has multiple tones of color - highs and lows - that give it a deep richness.

Saddle leather

is milled to make it pliable and luxuriously soft. It has a slight texture. We utilize this leather for our women's items and anywhere that requires a soft feel with good drape.